Finance, analytics, and automation experts, delivering
The art & science of sustainable financial growth.
Profitably scale your business, fast.
Virtual, part-time / fractional
CFO Business Partner

Executive financial leadership on a fractional / part-time, basis. When you are looking for day-to-day financial accountability from a dedicated senior leader, without committing to full-time resource.

The art & science of profitable growth.

Set your business on the path of profitable growth in just 90 days. When you want to quickly assess and implement transformational changes in your business.

Data analytics for profitable decisions.

Efficient reporting and relevant analytics. When you want holistic reporting and unique insights from your data to make profitable decisions.

Automate your accounting processes.
Flash by Piik™

The quickest way to manage monthly close process in QuickBooks Online. When you want to automate your processes to save time, improve accuracy and integrity of financials.

Advanced analytics for QuickBooks.
Dash by Piik™

Advanced analytics and reporting from QuickBooks Online. When you want to get deeper insights into business performance at your finger tips.

The right foundation for decisions.
Outsourced Accounting

Essential accounting and tax compliance services. When you want a strong foundation for your business decisions and ensure regulatory compliance.

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CFO Business Partner
Outsourced expertise on part-time / fractional basis.
Can't afford a full-time CFO yet? Need to bridge the gap while you hire a full-time CFO?

Make smarter decisions and grow your business with the help of an expert finance and strategy business partner on a fractional, part-time basis. 

We become part of your team and help you navigate the complexities of business and drive sustainable profit growth.
The art & science of profitable growth.
 Ansid’s proprietary program for effecting transformational changes in your business model and financial operations to set you apart from competition, and get you on the path to profitable growth in just 90 days.

This methodology leverages decades of our experience in finance, strategy, operations and technology.
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AnsidBI™ Data Analytics
Make profitable, data-driven decisions.
Understand underlying reasons for performance, reduce reporting process costs, and make smarter decisions.

Reduce reporting process costs and quickly answer business questions with interactive analyses of your financial data from your accounting system; analyze sales data from all channels in one place to quickly understand underlying reasons for performance and quickly answer business questions; or bring together data from internal and external systems to uncover hidden patterns and actionable insights for smarter, profitable decisions.

Our experienced data analytics team works with you to achieve the best outcomes possible.
Flash - Accounting Automation  
Save time, improve accuracy & integrity of your financials.
Simply connect to your QuickBooks Online account with Flash by Piik to automate your accounting close processes.
  • Reconcile single/muti-currency intercompany accounts
  • Manage prepaid expenses
  • Recognize deferred revenues
  • Manage accounting for loans
  • Manage accounting for capital leases 
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Dash - Advanced Analytics  
Insightful business reporting and advanced analytics.  
Simply connect to your QuickBooks Online account with Dash by Piik to get deeper insights into business performance.

  • Revenue variance analyses (price, volume, mix, foreign exchange, new customers, lost customers, new and unsold products)
  • Actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  • Report business performance (actuals vs budget vs prior year)
  • Report consolidated results (multiple company, multi-currency)
Outsourced Accounting 
The foundation for decision-making.   
Accounting and compliance keeping you up at night?

We streamline it all for you and make sure you are fully in compliance.

Our team of qualified cloud accounting and compliance experts ensures you have the best foundation for business decision making and fully comply with regulatory requirements.
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What clients say

Atif's been an absolute pleasure to work with. Being a startup CEO, I had minimal knowledge of finance. Atif helped with cash flow management and provided strategic fundraising advice. When the team was scaling, he assisted in thinking through staff compensation plans, helped the sales team on pricing strategy, and was a huge help working on government grants and venture debt.

Image Caption

Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-founder & CEO, Knockri

Atif’s strategic and financial wisdom has been invaluable to me and my business, especially during the pandemic. He is smart and always a pleasure to work with.

Image Caption

Linda Antonacci

Founder & President, Lulu Marketing

Most of us become entrepreneurs because we’re really good at something, but often it’s not finance. So I brought in Ansid Services, and I can honestly say that having Atif as our CFO is one move I would gladly make over and over again. He quickly understood our business, and is a strategy and financial advisor I trust.

Image Caption

Mohammed Faridy

Founder & CEO, OneView Tech Solutions

Atif immediately added value to StatPro and our board as soon as he joined. He very quickly got up to speed in his role as CFO and began to increase both department and company efficiency. More than this though, Atif also began adding value to other areas of the business, showing intellect, and good all-round business acumen.

Image Caption

Mark Bramley

CEO, StatPro North America

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