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Imagine having a part-time CFO as part of your team, not just in theory but in practice.

Our fractional CFOs don't just give advice from the sidelines; they roll up their sleeves and work alongside you as part of your management team. They bring a wealth of knowledge from various industries, directly to your business, crafting and executing strategies that drive better outcomes.

We're here to simplify your financial journey — from understanding your numbers to creating practical financial strategies, keeping your accounts orderly, and making financial tasks easier with automation.

Partner with us, and let's work together to elevate your business's profitability.

It's about your growth, your success, and your financial confidence, with a team that's as invested in your business as you are.
How you benefit
Senior-level finance & strategy expertise that helps entrepreneurs and CEOs work on their business and reach next-level growth.

Operational CFO

Dedicated finance executive to provide all-encompassing decision-support to the CEO and management team, and oversee all financial matters, including processes and staff. Best for companies who are ready to transition day-to-day financial accountability to a dedicated senior leader to become part of their management team to navigate complexities of business and drive performance growth. (Typical engagement: 1-2 days per week)

Advising CFO

Executive advisor to serve as a sounding board on all financial matters. Best for companies who need flexible, senior-level advice and support for the CEO to make strategic business decisions, or to coach up their Controller to execute on finance initiatives. (Typical engagement: 1-4 hours per week)

Reviewing CFO

Rapid review of your financial statements, and an assessment of your financial processes, people, and systems to provide a report with opportunities for improvement in the context of business strategy. Best for companies who wish to have an expert outside view on readiness of their financial infrastructure to scale, or steps to take to improve profitability. (Typical engagement: 2-4 weeks)

Transactional CFO

Executive finance & strategic minds, on demand. Best for companies who need flexible, senior-level support for a key strategic initiative: short-term or longer-term. Best for companies looking for a strong financial hand in fundraising (debt/equity), oversee business transformation, market expansion, sale preparation, merger or acquisition to achieve the best outcomes possible. (Typical engagement: varies based on transaction)

What clients say

Atif's been an absolute pleasure to work with. Being a startup CEO, I had minimal knowledge of finance. Atif helped with cash flow management and provided strategic fundraising advice. When the team was scaling, he assisted in thinking through staff compensation plans, helped the sales team on pricing strategy, and was a huge help working on government grants and venture debt.

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Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-founder & CEO, Knockri

Atif’s strategic and financial wisdom has been invaluable to me and my business, especially during the pandemic. He is smart and always a pleasure to work with.

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Linda Antonacci

Founder & President, Lulu Marketing

Most of us become entrepreneurs because we’re really good at something, but often it’s not finance. So I brought in Ansid Services, and I can honestly say that having Atif as our CFO is one move I would gladly make over and over again. He quickly understood our business, and is a strategy and financial advisor I trust.

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Mohammed Faridy

Founder & CEO, OneView Solutions

Atif immediately added value to StatPro and our board as soon as he joined. He very quickly got up to speed in his role as CFO and began to increase both department and company efficiency. More than this though, Atif also began adding value to other areas of the business, showing intellect, and good all-round business acumen.

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Mark Bramley

CEO, StatPro North America

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