Coaching and tools to grow your Consulting CFO business.
What is CFOpipeline™?

When you join Ansid as a Consulting CFO, you will be enrolled in CFOpipeline™, our proprietary sales and marketing program, to help you build a successful CFO Consulting business.

The program includes:
  • Sales and marketing coaching, training, and support;
  • Lead generation, done for you;
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile that serves as a magnet for prospective clients;
  • Access to marketing tools to attract prospective clients;
  • Access to CRM software and training to track your deals and interactions;
  • Access to a network of experienced CFOs to collaborate on projects; and
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscription for professional communication with clients and prospects.

This program is built on my experience in developing and growing Ansid's Consulting CFO practice.

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Atif Ansari
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